The library vending machine…

Okay, I have just spent the last week or so in the library doing all of my Uni work – My dissertation is finished YAY.

not the actual one but they are all EVIL

not the actual one but they are all EVIL

However, I have come to realise one major thing: I HATE my library vending machine – it has nothing but chocolate and crisps and maybe one flapjack inside of it… and while i have been making sure i had a good breakfast every morning at 6am before staying there all day til about 11pm.. the rest of the day, well you can imagine.

I have been trying since I finished Uni to not think about what I ate: when all you can think about is your work you tend to forget what it is you are feulling your body with to make you work a bit more.

Okay, so the evil vending machine is put behind us:

Now for the scary news – My friend Kerry’s wedding is just 8 days away! I have tried on the dress, it fits! Last time i wore it as I said I was 9 stone 4… well I’m almost 10 stone again now, must be the evil vending machine’s fault. ūüėõ

I now fill out the top a lot better than I used to, but it’s just a bit too¬†tight around the

little bit of a belly in this dress... i need it flat!!

little bit of a belly in this dress... i need it flat!!

stomach area… we need to fix this.

Any ideas on just getting rid of stomach weight?

Over and Out H xXx


Food Diary 21.04.09

Okay so was on the train most of today… not cool when its stifling hot and you are carrying almost your own body weight in two bags. lol.


Giant cookie and a cup of tea with sweetnener

a few mini cookies left from a bag the other day

Walkers crisps – big pack

Potato wedges, 3 meatballs and leeks in cheese sauce (yay i didnt have to cook hehe)

Tea (staying with my Grandma for a few days so this will be seen a lot)

Over and Out H xXx

So, What now?

Hey guys, long time no see.hannah-strawberry-1-copy

Yes i know, I am bad for not being on here in a while… but the why’s and wherefores of Uni work (and my bed) have called me away for far too long!¬†

Oh, and my big new TV… hehe¬†

I have been thinking about what I’ve been eating since I finished the whole giving up thing‚Ķ and you guys would be horrified‚Ķ chocolate, crisps, doughnuts (I am actually eating one as I write this), sweets, cookies‚Ķ the lot.


So, what to do now?

I need your help: I need to know what you guys would stop yourself eating bad food.

I just weighed myself and I have gone up…. I’m not telling you to! Lol.

I need things I can make quickly and that I can take with me to work or to Uni.

Calling all thinkers!

Ah yes, and as of today, my food diary is back up…

Over and Out H xXx



Failed lent… but still an achievement!

Okay… so I had some chocolate. Not even some, I had a whole Easter egg and 2 Cream Eggs that came with it.

I’m bad, I know.

Yeah this is what I ate.... I'm so annoyed!!

Yeah this is what I ate.... I'm so annoyed!!

I don’t even know why I did it.

I bought the eggs for Easter Sunday – I knew I would be allowed chocolate and they were on offer at work (I work at Sainsbury’s btw) so I thought why not? I can stop myself, I have before.

So I’ve been 5 and a half weeks without chocolate (39 days), and I still haven‚Äôt had any cakes, cookies or biscuits. (yes we know about the toffee thing and mini ice cream, which wasnt on the list but meh) I’d had no chocolate bars.. which was the biggest thing for me.

So what now? Well, I’ve realised if it’s not in the house I can hold out from buying it and then eating it.

I have also realised that stopping yourself when you want something badly will only make you binge on other foods more, as I have done recently: extra cheese, lots of bread, and pastries. Not good.

Overall… I think this Lent thing was a good idea, I learnt that I don’t need chocolate to live: I was perfectly fine and didn’t die without it.

However, I also learnt that denying yourself too much only leads to bingeing… so what to do? Well, just do as they all say, everything in moderation.

Over and Out H xXx

Food Diary 30.03.09

Cornflakes and milk – 175 cals

2 x Redbull sugarfree – 18 cals

Blackberries – 10 cals

2 x Redbull sugarfree – 18 cals

2 x espresso with sugar – 50 cals

Chicken and Bacon sandwich – 435 cals

Swede with bulgar wheat – 100 cals

Melon – 140 cals

Total – 946 cals

Food Diary 29.03.09


Cornflakes with milk and sweetener – 175 cals

Strawberries – 40 cals

Squash – 5 cals

Melon and sweetener – 75 cals

Pack of swede (54) with soft cheese (80) – 134 cals

Soup (162) cheese x 2 (250) – 412 cals

3 x crispsbreads – 90 cals

2 x sugarfree Redbull – 18 cals

Cheese – 125 cals

Clementines x 3 – 100

Strawberries – 40

Total = 1117 calories

Food Diary 28.03.09

Porridge and sweetener – 185 calories

Squash  Р5 cals

Banana Р95 cals

Mango and Strawberry Tea with sweetener – 5 cals

Strawberries – 40 cals

Roasted veg cous cous – 180

Espresso – 2 cals

Bulgar wheat, sweet potato and leek – 155 cals

2 espresso’s 4 cals

Cous cous – 180 cals

Strawberries – 40 ca;ls

Mango and strawberry tea with sweetener – 5 cals

Total – 896 calories